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A peacefully nourished life                    no matter your past struggles with food and body image. It can end with you, and      be passed down to your children.

I suffered from poor body image and disordered eating behaviours when I was younger. Unhealthy thoughts and habits killed my mental capacity and sucked joy from my life and memories. I wasted precious time that I otherwise could have been living. Fortunately, I was surrounded by strong confident women and worked on healing my relationship with food and my body.

After becoming a mom, I developed a fierce drive to raise body-positive competent eaters. I didn't want my kids to live in the toxic "diet culture" world that I grew up in where we overcomplicate foods and are tempted to “change or fix” our bodies. Diet culture shouldn't dictate my kids' self-worth. As a result, my core values have led me to discover, embrace and practice within a non-diet, body-inclusive and HAES®-aligned approach to care.

My Why 

I support women and overwhelmed mamas to heal their relationships with food and their bodies, so they can nourish themselves and their families with ease, intention and enjoyment. The aim is to help women confidently feed their children and raise body-positive intuitive eaters. With a top-down compassionate approach, my goal is to break the generational cycle of dieting and body shame.

I’m a non-diet, body-inclusive, fat-positive and trauma-informed Registered Dietitian. As a Certified Intuitive Eating Counsellor, I work within the Health at Every Size (HAES®) framework, believing that health can be achieved regardless of the space you take up. I DON’T offer weight loss services. What I am most interested in is you having a positive relationship with food and your body. I’m also a mama of two, a yogi, a podcaster, and a diet culture disrupter.


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• Intuitive eating
• Body image
• Disordered eating

my areas of specialty

• Body-positive parenting
• Raising competent intuitive      eaters

A crop farm, with a massive vegetable garden and raspberry patch. My food relationship grew in my mother’s kitchen making biscuits, canning, trying new recipes and eating family
meals together.

I grew up on a farm

Is to change the body obsessed world for my kids. So they never feel shame, distrust or guilt towards their bodies. They will only know an intuitive and compassionate relationship built on trust.

my life's work

I love sharing quick and tasty methods to feed and nourish yourself. Food is one of life’s simplest pleasures. My favourite foods are Kawartha Dairy ice cream, my garden produce, freshly baked bread and cheese.

I am a big fan of food

Rest and self-care. Being able to identify my needs and make time to honour them. This has taken me a long time to learn. My current go to's are walking in a forest, herbal tea with silence, and restorative yoga.

something that was hard to learn 

fun facts about me

• Registered Dietitian - College of Dietitians of Ontario
• Honours Bachelor of Science in Nutrition & Dietetics from Western University
• Dietetic Internship - Northern Ontario School of Medicine

• Certified Intuitive Eating Counsellor
• Body Image Support Professional Training
• Eating Disorder Professional Training
• Binge Eating Disorder Treatment Training
• Trauma Informed Dietetic Care Training
•Supporting Gender Affirming Care 
• Registered Yoga Teacher - 200 hour
• Restorative Yoga Teacher Training

Atheana Brown BSc, RD, RYT


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as a non-diet, Body-inclusive HAES® aligned Registered Dietitian

My philosophy to care

Food is so much more than simple nourishment. It is love, emotion and comfort. We turn to it for a variety of reasons.  

I do not support restrictive diets, food rules or depriving yourself of any foods (unless you're allergic). Research shows restrictions and dieting do not work.

I take a HAES® (Health at Every Size) approach which puts the dignity and respect of a person first. Health can be achieved regardless of your body size, without shaming or shrinking the space you take up.

I apply evidence-based medical nutrition therapy. Dietitians are the only regulated nutrition professionals in Ontario, so you're in good hands. 

I practice from a weight-neutral and body-inclusive approach. In my practice, all bodies are worthy, valuable and welcomed.

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