Body positive parenting:

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AN online course for parents

a  how -to  course

Body positive Parenting:

Are you ready to empower and promote positive food and body relationships for your kids?
Parents are the biggest contributors to kids forming these life-long relationships. What your children learn within the home sets the stage for the longest relationship they will ever have in their life: the one with their bodies. But in many instances, parents have no idea where to start, what to do or they struggle themselves with their relationship with food and their body image.

You are so not alone in this journey.

We need to Raise body-positive competent eaters

Let’s raise the next generation TO BE free of dieting and body shame

Wouldn't   it   be  amazing  if...

your kid never
diets, has resilience
in today's body-obsessed world & keeps a flexible relationship
with food? 

This  is  for  you  if  you're ....

Unsure how to promote a positive body image within the home when you yourself struggle with yours. 

Hesitant in supporting positive food and body environments at the doctor's office, with critical family members and at school.

Confused about how to feed your child in a flexible manner that includes all foods with no food rules or limits.

Not sure how to foster a positive life-long relationship with movement for your child

Interested in a feeding approach that will work for the entire family, be "less work" to manage and result in enjoyable meal times.  

Wanting to prevent                      
of a dysfunctional relationship with food and your body from happening to them.  

your  history

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An online 6 week program

A PROGRAM FOR PARENTS for the nexT              

A how-to program for parents to build and foster positive food and body relationships for your kids. Designed by a Registered Dietitian, Certified Intuitive Eating counsellor and a
mom with real-life experience. 

This is a jam-packed 6-week course that uncovers the most common struggles and questions I get from parents. It delves into everything you need to know from setting up a diet culture free home environment to the how-to's of teaching body image resilience. You'll develop strategies to foster competent intuitive eaters. You will also gain access to a private community of parents going through the exact same journey as you. Delivered online so you can learn from home in your comfies.  


Cultivating body trust, body autonomy and body resilience
in your child.


Crafting a diet culture free home rooted in your 
family's core values.


Implementing tangible and supportive ways to impact your kid's body image.


Fostering the intuitive
eater within for both you and your child.

benefit #3

Managing mealtimes with a developed plan, less stress and ease.

benefit #2

Having difficult conversations about weight, shape and
 body diversity.

Benefit #1

You  will  be  empowered  and confident  in:

build trust & role model

transform the home environment


What to expect over the 6 weekS

connect with other parents

Defining the problematic narrative in today’s body-obsessed culture. Learn how to address it, talk about it and immunize your kids against it.

Unpack your beliefs about weight, shape, health and beauty ideals. All while curating awareness, skills and defined values to guide your family's goals. 

Enhancing the food environment within the home to support a competent intuitive eater. Having a plan and directions to manage all types of food, meals and snacks with confidence. 

How to engage in joyful movement for the whole family to foster a long-term positive relationship with movement.

Managing the unpredictable external environments (school, sports, health care) outside the home with intention and confidence.

Tangible steps to impact body trust and positive body image.

Tips for setting up a supportive home environment that is health-enhancing and body-positive. 

Topics Covered:

6  Education  Modules

Build  Community

Each week a new module will be released through a secure online platform. Work at your own pace and come back to the material as often as you need.

Get support, share experiences and connect with other parents through a private Facebook group. Through weekly Live Question and Answer Sessions, you'll work through obstacles in a safe space.

Digital  Resources

Downloadable resources, activities and take-home practices to enhance and implement your learning. 

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• Work at your pace modules with a Registered Dietitian & Certified Intuitive Eating Counsellor
• Downloadable resources yours to keep
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•  A community that gets it