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Feeding your kids with confidence & ease is 

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pediatric family counselling


Confused about how to provide adequate nutrition for your child's growing body?
Mom guilt over sneak tactics to get your kid to eat vegetables or "healthy foods"?
Stressed about navigating sugar, "treats" and food rewards from grandparents?
Overwhelmed about how to start feeding food to your baby?
Upset with messages targeted to your children about food and their bodies?
Frustrated when your kids decline the meal you worked so hard on?
Taxed over searching mom groups for answers on how to fix your
family's feeding problems?

Feeding and raising your kids is stressful, especially in today’s world where there are so many opinions and pressures placed on parents. Hello parent guilt! With mixed messages at every turn, it is hard to know what to do and who to trust with your child's best interest at heart. Things become even more complicated if you struggle with your relationship with food. It's hard to know how to proceed.

I know you want to do all the right things to ensure your kids are healthy and to set them up for success. As a parent, you want them to live a meaningful and creative life full of possibilities.

You do not have to do this alone.

Parenting is hard. Feeding your family does    
have to be.

Let  's  foster  your  intuitive  eater  together!


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Feeding your child and teaching them how to nourish their bodies is an important life skill that sets the stage for every eating experience. It is something we do a minimum of 3-6+ times a day for the rest of our lives. Feeling confident in your feeding approach is essential. Let's work together to simplify and bring direction to your family's feeding practices and body talk. Individual family nutrition counselling can guide and enhance your feeding confidence. Let's face it: we were not taught how to raise confident intuitive eaters. 

As a mom of three, I get how frustrating and rewarding it can be to feed and nurture your children. We may not always get it right every time, but we must remember we are the biggest influencer in their lives. I will work alongside you and give you the most up-to-date, practical and evidence-based recommendations. You will learn how to foster the intuitive eater within, raising a child who has a positive relationship with food and their body.

designed  by  a  mom  for  parents

Pediatric Family Nutrition Counselling

Areas I can help with are....

Ensure the approach taken fosters your child to bloom fully into their authentic

growing & changing bodies

Help with meal planning and setting up a positive environment to enjoy family meals together.  

family meals

Navigate the selective eater without the mealtime battles and guilt. While also meeting their nutrient needs to grow and thrive.  

Selective eaters

Raising kids who can honour their body cues, be relaxed around all foods and self-regulate their intake intuitively. 

COMPETENT & INdependant eaters

Supporting you in leading and fostering body positivity and body trust within your family. An approach applicable for everybody.

Body positive parenting

Everything you need to know about feeding your babe. Taking a baby-led and food-first approach.

Baby's first foods

"When the  joy  goes  out  of  eating  nutrition  suffers." 

- Ellyn Satter

Stop second guessing yourself and be confident

Let me help you by listening to your family's unique challenges, simplify your feeding workload and provide direction. The goal is for you to feel confident that your kid is meeting their nutritional needs and thriving in their body.

As a mom of three, Registered Dietitian and Certified Intuitive Eating Counsellor, I am positive that I can make mealtimes enjoyable for your family. 

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perfect  for  parents  who...

Want to learn how to start feeding their babies with a foods-first approach in hopes of preventing picky eating.

Need more confidence in managing meal times, food refusals, 'treats' and ensuring your children get adequate nutrition

Want to prevent their kids from developing unhealthy relationships with food and their bodies.

Want to enjoy meals again (serving foods you actually enjoy) as a whole family with no battles or ultimatums.

Learn, Discuss & apply process


meet & unpack the struggles

What to expect

A family centred approach

• support from a registered Dietitian & Certified Intuitive Eating COunsellor
• Virtual appointments 

 We offer direct billing!

Many group benefit plans cover dietitian services, so check with your provider. We offer a direct billing application that clients can apply for. We can accommodate most insurance companies. If you do not have coverage, you may be able to claim dietitian services as a tax-deductible medical expense.

Did you know?

What  you  need  to  know

Trauma-informed provider

Body and weight inclusive

Health at Every Size® provider

At Peacefully Nourished I aim to provide progressive, unstigmatized and compassionate care. This is a space for individuals to be heard, valued and deeply respected.
My frameworks and guiding values to care:


Non-diet health approach 

Anti-oppressive practice

These sessions are designed to get doing the actual work by implementing various strategies and interventions. Most of the time it is the parents and caregivers who are creating the change in the home. We together identify what works, what did not and troubleshoot challenges. Along with celebrating successes and cheering you on as the change agent. 


50 minute 
follow up

This session offers the opportunity to get to know one another and devise a plan to meet your child and family's unique needs and goals. 

A comprehensive assessment is completed discussing your child's medical history, blood work, mental health history, food intake, activity levels, sleep routines, growth patterns, eating environments and relationship with food and their body.


50 minute 
initial consult

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