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We are a group of inclusive and compassionate self-care providers

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Our team works within a non-diet, body-inclusive and Health at Every Size (HAES®) frameworks to care. We embrace an anti-oppressive practice that deeply values clients diverse lived experiences. A client centred approach is foundational to our work in supporting humans holistically. We provide intentional health care that is collaborative, rooted in self-compassion and empathy.

We support clients in expanding their health to encompass their whole body. We are space holders that help support you in devising your definition of wellbeing and meeting you where you are at. 

Intentional health care for the whole body

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Founder & Lead Dietitian
Located: Kawartha Lakes, ON
In person & Virtual Care

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Atheana Brown, RD

Atheana is proudly a non-diet, body-inclusive, fat-positive and trauma-informed Registered Dietitian. She practices within the Health at Every Size (HAES®) framework and is a Certified Intuitive Eating Counsellor.

She has over a decade of experience working in primary  and long-term care supporting all ages, stages of care and various health conditions. She thrives in team based environments and is highly skilled in applying medical nutrition therapy.

Atheana works with all individuals looking to improve their relationships with food and body. Her goal is to help them break the generational cycle of dieting and body shame. So food can be less complicated, overwhelming and forbidden and more satisfying, nourishing and simplified. The goal is to have clients find self-compassion, break free of diet culture and define their worth that is values aligned.     

Outside of work, Atheana adores spending time in nature, trying new food with her partner and chasing after her three young kids.   

Areas of interest:

  • Eating disorder recovery
  • Intuitive Eating
  • Healing from disordered eating or chronic dieting
  • Body image support
  • Weight-inclusive care for those navigating chronic disease 
  • Pediatric and family feeding challenges
  • Mental health & Neurodivergent affirming care 

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The therapeutic relationship we cultivate with our clients is very important. We foster space for you to be heard, deeply respected and unapologetic.

 Collaboration IS foundational to our encompassing care. We support and advocate for you amongst your chosen village, other care providers and family. 

 An essential ingredient we strive to radiate amongst ourselves and in the work we guide you through. Supporting your authentic self to be held with compassion.  


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Are you an inclusive health care provider who thrives in team based care? Are you looking to align your values into the work you do? Are you interested in supporting individuals expand their health outcomes that are neuro affirming, anti-oppressive and client centred?

We are a growing team that supports individuals and families manage, thrive and redefine their wellness goals without diet culture or weight discrimination. Practicing from a non-diet and Health At Every Size framework (HAES®). 

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