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Individual nutrition counselling

Did you know that you were born an intuitive eater? Somewhere down the road you lost food freedom and your sense of wonder and love towards your body. It is not your fault. You became saturated in a world that is obsessed with food restrictions, the latest diet or “wellness trend” and unattainable beauty standards. You feel your worth being measured by a scale. This is diet culture. It tells us what to eat, how much to eat and how to "fix" our flawed bodies to be worthy in life. This leaves you feeling anxious, confused and mistrusting of your body. Disordered eating, also known as chronic dieting, has been "normalized"; it is encouraged by peers and people bond over it.
Diet culture is pervasive and toxic. 

Wouldn't you rather spend all that energy and time doing what you really love? Eating satisfying foods with your family and friends guilt-free? Having no food rules? Being relaxed around ALL foods?
Enjoying food and your body like you once did when you were young?

You deserve to enjoy food and take up space

Food does noT have to bE complicated
& restrictive

your body is not  the problem?

What if I told you that 

And that you can eat what you want and feel good in your here-and-now body?

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A non-diet & body-inclusive approach  

individual nutrition therapy counselling 

As a Registered Dietitian I am most interested in you having a positive relationship with food and your body. I work to disrupt the norms of diet culture, help people heal from disordered eating and build back body trust. Diet culture sells us lies and erodes our mental, physical and emotional health. 

• Feel relaxed and fabulous around food.
• Nourish their body without restrictions or shame.
• Stop the fear of weight gain from putting their life on hold.
• Break free from the diet-binge-guilt-repeat cycle.
• Take up space and feel confident in their skin.
• Stop the "dieting and starting again on Monday" cycle.
• Improve their body image.
• Heal their relationship with food and their body once
and for all!

• All or nothing “solutions”.
• Weight loss services.
• Meal plans.
• Another unsustainable diet.

This is for individuals who want to:

i do        offer:


Improve your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual


Feel empowered and confident in your food choices. Enjoy all foods while maintaining your health.  


Re-establish a joyful, fun and intuitive way to move and appreciate your body.


Improve self-esteem,
 self-compassion and body respect.

benefit #3

Reduce food-related
 anxiety and binge eating by finding food freedom.

benefit #2

Learn how to eat as an act of self-care. Never count, measure or track food again.

Benefit #1

What   to  expect  when  working  together....

Areas  of  Practice:

intuitive eating
Disordered Eating
Emotional Eating
Chronic Dieting
Eating disorders
body image issues

be supported, validated, and cared for compassionately. Together we will work on your body healing                      


stop the generational cycleS of dieting and body shame with 

Receive individual support from a Registered Dietitian and Certified Intuitive Eating Counsellor to help you find food and body freedom. Through the use of Intuitive Eating principles and body image therapy counselling techniques, you can break the cycle. This will also provide a framework that can be applied within your home to role model for your kids.

Unlearning years of pervasive diet culture and connecting back to your body's innate wisdom takes time. This ideally requires a 6-12 month commitment with consistent appointments. Everyone's healing journey is unique.

**Clients that have active eating disorders may require additional team support, time and closer monitoring.


perfect  for  individuals  who...

Are motivated to explore and improve their relationship to food and their bodies. 

Are ready for a new approach to food with no guilt, scale, restrictions or counting.

Want to end the cycle of dieting for themselves and prevent their kids from falling in.

Want a lifelong approach to eating that is sustainable, health-promoting and enjoyable for the whole family.

Are ready to do really deep and brave work on themselves. 


be curious & mindful

learn, discuss & apply process

Meet, unpack & explore history

What to expect 

BUILD body TRUST & self compassion

This is designed to help brave individuals find peace with food and end the body shame narrative for good!

Stop the war with food. It only gets more complicated the longer you do it or when you have little people in your life. Be the generational cycle breaker in the family. 

• Support from a certified intuitive eating counsellor & Registered Dietitian
• 90 minute Initial Assessment
• 50 minute follow ups 
• handouts & worksheets
• Collaboration with your care team (doctor/NP & counsellor) if desired
• Private Communication updates

 We offer direct billing!

Many group benefit plans cover dietitian services, so check with your provider. We offer direct billing for our clients with most insurance companies.
If you do not have coverage, you may be able to claim dietitian services as a tax-deductible medical expense.

Did you know?

What  you  need  to  know

Trauma-informed provider

Body and weight inclusive

Health at Every Size® provider

At Peacefully Nourished I aim to provide progressive, unstigmatized and compassionate care. Providing a space for individuals to be heard, valued, and deeply respected.
My frameworks and guiding values to care are:

Fat positive

Non-diet health approach 

Anti-oppressive practice