Top Tips for Flying with Kids

Let the adventures begin! Are you planning a trip with your littles for March break? Today on the blog we will be discussing some top tips and tricks for flying with kids! Let’s dive in!

Be Prepared

Here is a general list of items to ensure you have everything you need for travel, dependent on age of course! We’ll touch on snack specifics later on. Remember, no matter what we do to avoid them, accidents are bound to happen so it’s best to be prepared. Pack an extra change of clothes and other supplies for the flight in anticipation of any messes! 

-Empty bags to put garbage in

-Hand sanitizer

-Antibacterial wipes


-Feeding cutlery




-Toys, games, activities


-Formula + bottles (check online for regulations, typically must be under 3.4 oz*)

-Baby food (check regulations*)



-Extra clothes for flight

-Snacks and air-tight containers

-Ice pack and cooler bag

Stay Moving

Staying still for long periods of time is a shock to the system, so keep those bodies moving! Let your kids walk as much as they can before and between flights while they are free from the plane’s cabin. Using moving walkways can be a fun way to let off some steam as well. And most of all, even after an exhausting wait pre-plane, keep your loved ones moving during the flight. Here are some exercises to try during the plane ride to keep that circulation going: regular walks around the cabin, neck rolls, shoulder rolls and stretches, calf raises, ankle rolls, forward bends, dancing with your littles, and any other motions you can think of!

Snack Storage + Other Tips

Use a good-quality cooler bag and ice packs to help keep food fresh and avoid spoilage! Be sure to keep your cooler bags zipped to keep food cool and be sure to follow the airport’s regulations on ice packs and storage!

You may want to avoid bringing anything overly messy, crumbly, or bring special containers accordingly. Containers like toddler friendly snack cups can help prevent snacks from spilling out on the plane. Try to pack meals and snacks in stackable, compact containers or resealable bags. Do not forget to pack cutlery (been there done that), napkins, hand wash/sanitizer, water bottles, and a bag for garbage so it can be disposed of quickly. 

Keeping hydrated is so important! After a long trek through the airport, layovers, and in flight, dehydration can happen. A great tip is to bring a refillable water bottle for every member of the family. This also can avoid the little ones fighting over a bottle. I try to avoid coffee, energy drinks, and pop during long rides to avoid messy spills and multiple bathroom breaks, but they can be necessary. Remember, making time to get up and stretch your legs out of the seats is always important after all!

Snack Ideas

You’re not you when you’re hungry, and neither are your kids! Packing your own snacks and meals for travel not only avoid those high airport food costs but is also a fun activity to involve your kids in the food planning! A DIY trail mix can always be fun to create together. That being said, however, be sure to check the restriction list when trying to see what food you can bring into an airport and which you should buy there instead! Travelling can be exhausting, and food can help. Here are my top tips for flying with kids for the snack department.

Non-Perishable Snacks:

Lollipops or gummy candy (to help your child’s ears “pop” easier)

Dried fruit

Fruit leather

Juice boxes

Applesauce pouches

Nuts and Seeds

Trail mix

Dry cereals (Cheerios, Chex Mix, Puffed cereal)

Veggie Straws


Pepperettes or salami (see product details for storage requirements)

Energy bar/protein bar



Potato Chips

Beef jerky 

Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches

Juice box


Refrigerated Snacks

Fresh veggies (baby carrots, celery sticks, cucumber slices)


Fresh fruit (apple slices, clementine, cut grapes, strawberries)

Yogurt tubes

String cheese/cubes

Cottage cheese

Single serve milk

Boiled eggs

Granola and yogurt 


Cheese cubes/ string cheese

Bagels with cream cheese or peanut butter

Canned tuna on bread or crackers

Vegetable salads

Cold pasta, potato, or egg salad

So there are my top tips for flying with kids. Where are you travelling for March break? Let me know in the comments below! My favourite March break trip in the past was to Cuba and my goodness do I miss that sun. Leave me a comment below if you learned a new tip for your upcoming trip! Until next time, happy flying!

Written by: Rachel Davidson-Evans, BASc

Reviewed by: Atheana Brown RD

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