Are you in the binge or restrict cycle?

Are you stuck in the dieting loop? Feeling you are constantly in a state of either a binge or restrict cycle? Are you needing help clarifying if you are?

Join this week’s podcast episode on Diet Culture Dropout Podcast for episode 60. Are You in the Binge or Restrict Cycle with Atheana Brown.

Check out the full episode here!

A lot of people who engage in dieting fall into two cycles pretty hard. A binge or restrict cycle is usually the two options people find themselves in. A binge eating cycle which involves lots of guilt, shame and morality towards food. Which usually results in uncomfortable eating episodes that feel fleeting or out of control. This cycle is usually fueled by a restriction state. This cycle is all about control, willpower and following rules to keep you “in control” with food. Neither of them feel truly stable or consistent. There are major extremes to both.

This episode explores the two cycles and the outcomes and intentions behind both. It also provides a third way to relate with food that is rooted in intuitive eating, neutrality and flexibility.

Check out this podcast to see where you are in your eating journey.

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    Atheana Brown is a Registered Dietitian who specializes in disordered eating, body image, intuitive eating, and family nutrition. Her mission is to break the generational cycles of dieting and body shame.

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