Upsizing your Wardrobe with Confidence

New episode lands today on the Diet Culture Dropout Podcast. This week I am joined with Amanda Hanson talking all about how to dress and upsize your wardrobe with confidence.

Check out the episode here

Upsizing a wardrobe for most comes with a lot of feelings of grief, body shame and frustration. Because our society has made it this big taboo that any body that changes is a major problem. Today I am joined with an east coaster Amanda Hanson who is a Feminist Style Coach. She helps people build an intentional and sustainable wardrobe that supports how they want to feel, that fits the current body they are in and that supports all aspects of their life.

Tune in to learn more about how to upsize your wardrobe with confidence!

Here is what we discuss in this episode:

  • How our mentality towards dressing ourselves in ill fitting clothes keep people stuck in bad body image spirals
  • Amanda shares her advice for anyone in this place of body change
  • Review various tips in navigating how to dress your body with more self-compassion, gentleness and success
  • Explore advice for people wanting to wear more “risky items” like shorts, bikini, tank top etc with more confidence and ease
  • Lastly Amanda shares her top tips for helping people confidently dress and upsize your wardrobe with confidence

Because at the end of the day dressing your here and now body with clothes that fit, celebrate you and are your unique style it impacts how we show up and respect our bodies 💛

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