August 10, 2023

The first summer sheet pan meal is a smoky chickpea. It is vegan and packed with lots of flavour. So let’s dig into the details to the first summer sheet pan recipe. Let’s dive in! Smoky Chickpea, Sweet Potato and Shallot Sheet Pan Ingredients: 1 15 oz can raw chickpeas, rinsed, drained, and thoroughly dried […]

August 9, 2023

Catch the latest episode of Diet Culture Dropout Podcast this week. Featuring episode 48. How to Improve Your Inner Critic with Julie Gerber. Listen to the full episode here Joined with Julie Gerber a Social Worker, Empowered Body Mentor and Consciousness Coach. Today we are chatting about inner critic work. A much-needed area many people […]

August 2, 2023

Looking for the perfect summer supper? Get those taste buds ready, let’s dive in! These easy meatball gyro bowls are flavour-packed and so quick to make.  Can we believe it’s August!? I sure can’t. I am loving the warm air and flavourful local produce this time of year. What better to make flavours pop than […]

July 27, 2023

Dust off your muffin tins everyone, it’s snack time! No muffins or cupcakes here, today we are digging into some easy muffin tin snack boards this summer. Muffin tins are the root of this genius snack hack. Organized, so many possibilities, fun to fill, easy to clean, and great on the go, what’s not to […]

July 26, 2023

Did you catch this week’s latest episode on Diet Culture Dropout? Today I am joined with Leslie Schilling who is a Registered Dietitian and book author. We are exploring how diet culture comes up in places of worship. Growing largely is this purity culture in faith based communities or church brands as Leslie calls it. […]

July 12, 2023

Did you catch this week’s episode on Diet Culture Dropout? It is all about How Women are Socialized into Burnout with Ahuva Hershkop. Today’s episode is for all those perfectionists and people pleasers out there. Joined with Ahuva Hershkop a pediatric dietitian and burnout coach. Exploring a much needed topic for women who usually fall […]

June 28, 2023

If you are a parent or mom you are going to want to listen to this podcast episode. Today I share space with Jennifer Neale a Registered Dietitian and mom of two. We are just scratching the surface on this topic. On how applying intuitive eating in motherhood can be very challenging. If you are […]

June 21, 2023

Are carbs really the enemy? We are no stranger to the dark cloud diet culture puts around carbs, but do they deserve it? Today we will be discussing what they are, where they are found, and the important role they play in a healthy diet.  What are Carbs?  First, what even are carbs? At the […]

June 16, 2023

On today’s menu is Shrimp Fresh Rolls! These rolls combined with an addictive, creamy peanut sauce is a match made in heaven. Craving fresh, light, and delicious? Let’s dive in. P.S. It took me a while to get the peanut sauce just right- and I think I did it! The perfect balance of sweet, creamy, […]

June 14, 2023

Today we explore on the Diet Culture Dropout Podcast how making behaviour change is so difficult for humans. Learn how ambivalence in disordered eating recovery shows up for so many reasons. I am joined with Alida Iacobellis an eating disorder dietitian from Milton, ON. Here is what we discuss: – Review what diet culture is […]

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