March 22, 2023

Have you been having a hard time with you’re here and now body? Feeling the urge to try that next diet or “fix it” solution to solve all your body problems? But know that it is not a solution because it has never worked in the past. The thing with body image work is that […]

January 11, 2023

Today I have the pleasure of talking with Surabhi Veitch a passionate physiotherapist located in Toronto Ontario.  We talk about the much needed topic of postpartum bounce back culture. If you are a mom, mom to be or a mom deep into her postpartum journey this episode is a must for you.  Here is what […]

December 28, 2022

NEW PODCAST EPISODE Today we focus an entire episode to teens, tweens and adolescents. I am joined with Bracha Kopstick and we have an in-depth conversation about disordered eating in teenagers. Bracha is a Registered Dietitian located in Toronto Ontario who specializes in adolescent nutrition. Here is what we discuss: Start off by defining disordered […]

December 27, 2022

By: Rachel Davidson-Evans, BASc Reviewed by: Atheana Brown RD The holidays are a wonderful time to reunite with loved ones and create lasting memories. For many though, the holidays can also bring about feelings of stress, guilt, and insecurity, one reason involving holiday eating. Sound familiar? Keep reading for some holiday eating strategies… without the […]

Holiday Eating Strategies

November 4, 2022

This week on the Diet Culture Dropout Podcast is a personal story shared by Nicole Lemke- Nicole’s journey to body acceptance is a personal narrative shared. She shares about her relationship with her body and how it has drastically changed overtime. I am sure this episode will deeply resonate and validate other people’s experiences. Here […]

August 26, 2022

Tune into this week’s podcast episode on Diet Culture Dropout as we explore the basics of trying to define body image. This is the first episode we are exclusively diving into this topic. Join my conversation I had with Katie McCrindle who is a Registered Social Worker, Body Liberation Counsellor, and Fat Activist. In the […]

July 15, 2022

Jessica Curran joined me on the Diet Culture Dropout Podcast where she shared her ideas of what body security means. She is a local psychotherapist who helps clients disentangle their self-worth from their bodies. You can listen to the episode here.   This is what we covered in this week’s episode about Body Security: Jessica’s […]

body security Jessica Curran

July 1, 2022

This week I interview Sarah Kendell on the Diet Culture Dropout Podcast who is a dietitian in Ontario who specializes in binge eating disorder. We work on unpacking binge eating disorder to shed light on this very prevalent eating disorder. Sarah also shares hope and some tips to get started on recovery. Listen to the […]

November 17, 2021

This week on my podcast Diet Culture Dropout I explore how diet culture comes up in pregnancy for women. Check out the full episode here. Pregnancy and diet culture These two are not a good mix! Being pregnant comes with a whole host of feelings, uncertainty, body changes, and a side plate of diet culture. […]

New podcast episode

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